Port & Dessert Wine Tasting (February 2011)

On Saturday, February 19, 2011, Lorynn & Greg hosted a Port & Dessert Wine Tasting.  They provided the drinks and snacks with a small donation from the 16 attendees.

The overall favorite was:
California Orange Muscat Wine – $9.99 – With the sweet, heady perfume of orange blossom and stone fruit, it’s hard to understand why this is such an obscure variety.  There are less than 200 acres of Orange Muscat throughout California.  The French call it La Fleur d’Orange – the orange blossom – it’s also grown in Italy and Australia and for obvious reasons – who can resist such a gorgeous fragrance and soft, fruity flavors?  Pairs well with Fresh Fruit.

Thanks again to Lorynn & Greg for hosting!