Kid Safety: Don’t Block the Sidewalks

Especially during the summer when school is out, we have kids who like to play outside and ride bikes.  It is best for kids to ride bikes on the sidewalk to stay out of the way of traffic, but when vehicles are parked illegally and block the sidewalk, kids often revert to riding in the street.  This is dangerous, so please don’t block the sidewalk!

If you have this problem, please ask your neighbor to move their vehicle.  But, if you can’t resolve the issue peacefully, the City of Lewisville can help (sorry, HOA has no jurisdiction).

  1. Go to the City of Lewisville Customer Support Center.
  2. Click on Code Enforcement – Residential
  3. Click on General Code Enforcement

2 thoughts on “Kid Safety: Don’t Block the Sidewalks”

  1. I have never blocked the sidewalk by parking illegally on the side-walk. We use our driveway and garage. I have had occasion when I have had trees or limbs knocked down and left them in the area for trash pickup so I don’t know if this is part of the issue.
    I was not aware that it was proper for anyone to ride on the sidewalk, even children, in fact thought it was not legal. I may be misinformed about this, however.
    I would like to talk to someone about another matter and would appreciate a callback. I left my number with the property manager.
    Thank you in advance

    1. It may not be legal for kids to ride on the sidewalk but it sure is illegal for people to park on the pavement . That makes it unsafe for people including kids who have to leave the pavement and walk on the road because a selfish homeowner has parked on the pavement.

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