2011 Annual Meeting

When: Monday, May 9, 2011
Where: The Colony High School
Quorum Met? Yes

Thanks to those who attended the Annual Meridian Homeowner’s Association Meeting.  20%, or 78 homeowners, were needed to establish quorum for the meeting to proceed and we did meet it!

What you missed…

  • Tonya Martin from CMA brought the meeting to order
  • The current board President, Aby Mathew gave an overview of some of the things the board worked on in the past year. The letter (see download section below) he presented to those present was passed out to all in attendance.
  • They also presented Shrihari Sathaye with the second Volunteer of the Year award for his hard work and commitment to supporting the community.
  • The eight candidates who volunteered to serve on the board were introduced and allowed a few minutes to speak as to why they should be on the board before votes were cast.
  • Tonya Martin from CMA announced that due to the large amount of proxy’s the votes would not be counted and the winner would not be announced until the next day via the HOA website.
  • Saul Freedenberg provided a City Park update – Phase 1 is waiting for final approval. Hopefully construction will begin soon. This park will be on Lakeridge just east & north of our entrance at Marina Vista. Saul calls the city every three weeks asking for an update.
  • Each Committee Chairperson got up and gave an update or overview and each one stressed how they could use more volunteers!

The five board members for 2011 – 2012 are:

  • Aby Mathew (3rd year)
  • Saul Freedenberg (3rd year)
  • Shrihari Sathaye (1st year & formerly the Crime Watch Chairperson)
  • Dimple Trivedi (1st year)
  • Will Borrowman (1st year)

There was an open Question & Answer session.

Thanks again to last year’s board for their time and commitment to the community!


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