2014 Annual Meeting

When: Monday, July 24, 2014
Where: The Cascades Event Center
Quorum Met? Yes

We met quorum thanks to those who voted online, so attendance was very low.

What you missed…

  • Todd Forrey, HOA Vice-President brought the meeting to order.  He announced that quorum had been established, made introductions, and presided over the business meeting.
  • The Minutes from last years Annual Meeting were approved.

There were only five (5) candidates on the ballot to run for the Board of Directors.  No additional nominations were presented from the floor.  So, the candidate speeches were bypassed as were the hand written ballots.  All in attendance voted the following:

  • Saul Freedenberg (5th term)
  • Todd Forrey (2nd term)
  • Josey Mathew (1st year)
  • Angie Barrientos (2nd year)
  • John Hossbach (2nd year)

There was a Q&A session after the meeting was adjourned.

It was a very quick meeting.

Thanks again to last year’s board for their time and commitment to the community!

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